Arromanches-les-Bains, France (Part 2)

We arrived at Arromanches after getting lost (or taking the longer route) from our visit to Mont St. Michel.  For some reason, the GPS wasn’t working properly and I would drive endlessly thru the highway then back.  It was a stressful time for me because it was my first time driving in France and using a vehicle I am not familiar with, so I was just literally driving and depending on my designated navigator – the hubby.

Finally, close to dark, we found our home for the next two days.


Photo from the Maison de Pêcheur AirBnB site

The place is a quaint fisherman’s house located in a quiet street in the town, right behind the church.  It is perfect for our family of four and had the amenities we’d always look for in a rental (nice fully-equipped kitchen, fast internet, comfortable beds, and a very clean bathroom, among others). It also looked like its interiors were recently renovated and refurbished while outside, there was a small sunny court which unfortunately we didn’t use as it was a bit cold at that time. Parking is available right across the street (see my white Toyota hybrid rental?) and the house is a short 5 min. walk to the restaurants and to the beach.

I’d definitely recommend this to friends traveling to the Normandy region. To know more about this AirBnB rental, including good reviews, please visit Christian’s Maison de Pêcheur.


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