Thank you for visiting my site!

 This is my second time blogging and this time, I would like to share with you my adventures as a newly-married woman.  What makes me excited is this is the second phase of my life happening at an age when most people are already talking about their grandchildren!  Yes, my newfound readers, I got married at 50 (my first, and I dare say, my last!).

 I have a lot of still single, female friends, and they have told me that I am serving as an inspiration to them.  When most of us have already given up about finding a life partner, here comes someone for me out of nowhere!  And so, I have made them believe that fairytales (or miracles) can still happen!

 This site will chronicle my journey from where I am now and to where I am headed in the future. To give you a glimpse of what topics to expect, know that I have been a solo parent for 14 years, a media production executive for more than 20 years, a frustrated professional dancer who finds joy in social dancing,a D-I-Y organizer of all sorts of life events, an adventurous spirit in things to do and places to travel, a lover of beautiful things and experiences, a volunteer for causes serving the needs of the underprivileged, and a hopeless romantic in spite of all my heartaches and the troubles I see in this world.

 So do visit this site from time to time. I hope that in sharing snippets of my life, I will be able to help you in any small way or make you smile a little bit more, the same way that I am looking forward to knowing you and learning more about life thru your own experiences.

 Have a Fab day.  Always!

The Fab Ella


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