Make Room for Mr. Right

Let me tell you how Mr. Right came about.  But first, let us take a slight detour.

I was in a 10 year old relationship that was not headed anywhere.  It started as a partnership based on a shared passion for an art, no relationship labels, no expectations. Though there were a lot of things that weren’t right to begin with, I forged on, it being a comfortable and convenient arrangement.  But overtime, a person’s feelings and needs change and somewhere in the middle of that long term union, I wanted more.  Or I thought I did. On hindsight, I was really in the wrong relationship with the wrong person.  Perhaps, I really wanted out but was just afraid to be alone.

One day, I came to the realization that it must end. No matter how painful, how crippling. It has to end. And so I made the move. Just like that. Quit the relationship cold turkey.

I spent a few months alone. Friends in the know supported my decision.

One night, I asked my daughter to pray with me. I asked her to help me pray for a man to come into our lives.  Someone who is intelligent, smart, accomplished, financially stable. Someone who can dance, enjoys the same kind of music as I do and plays a musical instrument.  Someone who loves films and the theater. Someone I can always have an intelligent conversation with, but with whom I can also laugh silly with. Someone who can be a  good father to her.  But I ended the prayer saying that if it’s God’s will that I’d be single forever, then I would whole-heartedly accept it.

Barely two months after that night, I met someone. It was Valentine’s Day.

In the days following that, in all the hours spent talking with each other on a daily basis, it became more apparent that he was my answered prayer. Everything on the list, checked!

It is just amazing how within a few months of making that hard decision of leaving someone who was wrong for me, someone who was the right one finally came into my life.

Create the space and it will be filled, in God’s perfect time.



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